Our Story

ONCE UPON A TIME my children went to parties where there were cakes covered in heaps of yummy looking frosting. They especially loved the ones with the colorful confetti dots. Like a good mom, I made the mixes too. Curious about the little colored things in the cake, I read the label. Was I ever surprised! I didn't recognize most of the ingredients- lots of artificial stuff. I wanted something better. So I set out to create delicious cakes that my family would love and I could feel good about.

It sounds easy, but I assure you it wasn't! Finding unbleached, un-bromated wheat flour was hard. I also learned that the "perfectly moist" texture that kids love is typically the result of thickening agents and chemical fillers. All-natural cocoa (processed without alkali) isn't readily available. And the vanilla. Oh, the vanilla! That alone was months of sampling before finding the ideal one. And I still wasn't done. I wanted a delicious all-natural confetti cake. But all-natural dots like that didn't exist! That is, until I convinced a terrific company to create the perfect colored dots with all-natural colors and ingredients just for me.

Since all great cakes need great frosting, I created what I believe are the quickest and easiest all-natural frosting mixes available. The secret? I use real egg whites to make them whip up light and fluffy. My frosting is ready-to-spread in under five minutes whether whipped by hand or mixer.

After over a year of experimenting in the kitchen, I was ready to serve my cakes. And so, having won the coveted "May I Have Seconds?" award from my kids and all their friends, I am pleased to share with you my Naturally Nora dessert mixes.

I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!


P.S. Since friends keep asking for more yummy desserts, I'll keep working to bring them to you.