All Natural Baking Mixes

To our friends:
I am pleased to announce that MOM Brands, the largest family owned cereal company in the country, has acquired our company. Production, sales and distribution operations of Naturally Nora® mixes will not be immediately affected by the change in ownership. You will be able to purchase your favorite Naturally Nora mixes where you've always purchased them. We'll keep our Contact Us email and phone numbers active because we still want to hear from you. We are thrilled to be joining the MOM Brands family. We share the same values and our missions are aligned in providing families with better food choices. MOM Brands produces many popular natural cereals including Three Sisters, Mom's Best, Bear River Valley, and Sally's brands and select Better Oats instant oatmeal varieties. To learn more about MOM Brands, visit

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I used to bake with ordinary boxed mixes. Then one day I learned what was in them! See the difference for yourself

So I created desserts that my family would love and I could feel good about. My mixes are made with:

  • All-natural ingredients
  • NO artificial colors, flavors or preservatives
  • NO hydrogenated oils
  • Lots of Love!

I'm delighted to share them with you,